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2022 Pi(e)ku Contest Winners

Pi(e)ku Contest 2022

The theme this year was “Peace of Pie.”

Every year, we are blown away by pie-loving poets’ infinite imagination, creativity, and talent and it is always tough to choose among the many wonderful pi(e)ku entries.

This year, we added a special category to recognize folks who have been contributing their poems year after year. 
Prizes include gift cards and T-shirts. 
The winner’s pi(e)ku entries were published in Petaluma Argus Courier.


NOBEL PEACE PI(E) AWARD ($50 Certificate)


Round world in our hands.

Three point one four one five nine

Peace as space and time.

Janice Kim


LIFETIME OF PI(E) AWARD (T-shirt + $25) 


Three layers of life

The crust, the mantle, the core

The essence of pie!


To share is loving,

While pi numbers never end,

Sadly, not my pie!


Renee Foppe


After two long years

We all agree on one thing:

Pie is wonderful


Ponder a circle:

Walk ‘round its perimeter

End where you began


What splendor is found

When given a chance to eat

My pie piece in peace


Mark Ferrando



PI(E) SQUARED AWARD (T-shirt+ $25)


Somewhere a land only 

Serves lemon meringue pie and

The people are friends

Anna Simson


Pi is infinite

If we share bounty of pie

Peace by boundless piece.

Jennie Kadrioski




Last year I won this

Now I need a bigger shirt

Your pies are too good

Stephanie Roza


It’s time for the World

To replace bombs with Peace Pie.

Let’s all have a piece.

Arlyn Serb


Pi Day slice of pie,

steaming out of the oven,

Peace pass that warm pie.

Susan Mcclellan



CHILDREN OF THE PI(E) (AGE 0-12)  (T-shirt or Giftcard)


How pie is tasty

How all the flavors combine

How pie can bring peace

Oliver Kadrioski


I am a number 

And a food,the sweetness of

Which is iternal

Luka Finley


PI(E) YOUTH (AGE 13-19) (T-shirt or Giftcard)


The best time to bake

March 14 at Nine-Two-Six

Yum, tastes like math puns

Emiliano Sullivan